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Most men, even if they won’t admit it, crave a larger penis.  Even in times of evolution, it was always considered a man was more powerful and more masculine if he had a large penis.

That is still true today for most men. As well as the aesthetic reasons for wanting a bigger penis, it is believed men with bigger penises make better lovers. Though plenty of women will claim ‘size doesn’t matter’, to a man nothing could be further from the truth.

A man with what is considered a particularly small penis may shy away from relationships in general and it can destroy his self-confidence and self-worth. Before technological advances, there were many dangerous ways of enlarging the penis i.e. hanging stones or rocks from the penis or homemade stretching devices which caused irreparable damage.

Nowadays the options for penis enlargement are endless; you can resort to cosmetic surgery although this is expensive, painful and unpredictable and if expectations are too high, results can sometimes be disappointing.

Or you can choose a safer alternative and choose from a variety of penis enlargers, extenders, pills, patches and even special exercises that are designed to enhance and enlarge the penis.

To make it that bit simpler for you to decide which method could be best for you to achieve the desired result, we are going to look at some of the very best penis enhancement methods available.


SizeGenetics – The Penis Enlargement Device

SizeGenetics is the number one in penis traction devices that is proven to safely, discreetly and effectively stretch the penis. It is medically endorsed by doctors and used worldwide due its advanced technology to rival all other penis stretching devices.

The erectile tissue that holds the blood during erections is known as the Copora Cavernosa and the SizeGenetics system works by constantly putting pressure on the Copora Cavernosa causing the cells to separate and split that causes new healthy cells to duplicate. By doing so, this gradually, over time, enlarges the penis allowing the Copora Cavernosa to hold more blood during erections and will give a longer appearance even when not erect.

The principal behind this idea is nothing new, it has been used in the Western world for centuries; the art of stretching and growing new cells under tension has been used for lengthening necks, lips and earlobes of certain African tribes.

The SizeGenetics device is anatomically designed and one size will fit all, it can be worn comfortably, securely and unobtrusively under clothes and even while you are sleeping.  In just a few months of consistent wear of the device, you can expect an overall increase in penis length of up to 3” along with a marked increase in girth.

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Male Extra – Penis Enlargement Pills

For those who do not like the idea of using penis extenders, another viable option would be a penis enlargement pill.  Like extenders, these do have to be taken on a regular basis to be effective.

MaleExtra is a highly acclaimed all-natural male enhancement pill. Full to the brim of known and respected top quality, natural, herbal ingredients including Pomegranate 70% Ellagic,  L-Arginine, Muira Pauma, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Zinc, Saw Palmetto and Ginseng, just to name a few of the powerful formulation. With 3 MaleExtra tablets a day, you will achieve larger ejaculations that go further, intense orgasms, huge pulsating erections and your libido will be sky high.  

MaleExtra works as a complete system as included as part of the MaleExtra program, penis enlargement can be also achieved with the use of special exercises that when combined with daily intake of MaleExtra, not only will you perform better and improve the vascular health of the penis but you can expect a larger looking, fuller and thicker penis due to the added blood flow to the penile tissues.

This makes it a great all in one solution for both size and performance concerns in a reliable, convenient and trusted way.

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MaxiPatch – Penis Enlargement Patches

If neither extenders nor pills appeal to you, you could try a slightly different method of penis enlargement - a transdermal patch.

MaxiPatch is a unique penis enlargement formula in the form of a patch that is designed to be worn for (72 hours) 3 days and then replaced with a new one. It is waterproof so normal activities can be maintained. It is by far the best male enhancement patch around.

The unique and unparalleled formula contains Pomegranate (dubbed as Nature’s Viagra), Tongkat Alli, Guarana and Horny Goat Weed and these potent nutrients are released continuously through the skin once the patch is applied.  

Unlike tablets where absorption is often lost through the digestive system, this gets directly to the cells where it is needed. Completely safe and free of side effects, MaxiPatch helps to naturally increase your sexual desire, testosterone production, enhance orgasms and give you added staying power for more enjoyment between the sheets in a mere 30 seconds.

What’s more is MaxiPatch comes with an exclusive penis exercise DVD and online access to penis exercise techniques absolutely free with every order of MaxiPatch that when followed regularly gives you a larger and more impressive penis for greater sex.

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PenisHealth – Enlargement Exercises

Another method of penis enlargement that may be beneficial and preferable to taking tablets or wearing special devices is penis exercises.

Penis Health is the most cutting edge and advanced penis exercise system available, it can be used solely in its own right or in conjunction with penis enlargement pills or traction devices.

The exercises included in the Penis Health system help to not only strengthen and work the penile muscles but improve the amount of blood that the Copora Cavernosa can hold, in turn giving you a larger, fuller erection than ever before.  The penis is a muscle and if the muscle is correctly trained and strengthened it will work to its full potential.

The Penis Health program also improves the Corpus Spongium and Cavernosal artery to dramatically enhance girth as well as length, frequent use of penis exercises can help a man to learn to control his ejaculations for greater control during sex and even enjoy multiple orgasms.

The Penis Health system is sold at a very affordable price, risk free, no injury to the penis can occur through the use of these exercises and they are highly effective when practised on a regular basis. It is also offered as a bonus gift with every SizeGenetics order.

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Performer5 – Semen Enhancer

Lastly, the final options in penis enhancement products are volume enhancers.  It is not just size that concerns men, if you lack enough semen your ejaculations are likely to be very weak which means poor erections, disappointing orgasms and overall average performance in bed.

Performer5 is by far the best male volume pill available and it is available without prescription due to its totally natural formula. Used and endorsed by world class porn stars to boost their performance on the screen; it is now widely available for everyone to impress their partners.

The Performer5 supplement designed to be taken 3 times a day, contains an impressive array of powerful and natural nutrients such as L-Arginine, Zinc Asparate, Zinc Gluconate, Pomegranate and Muira Pauma. It has worked wonders for thousands of men to achieve greater ejaculations of up to 5 times more, more satisfying and strong orgasms, erections that are as hard as nails, a much greater sex drive and a newly improved virility and potency.

You receive a free bottle of Vit5 with every order of Performer5 providing you with the essential minerals your body is lacking to ensure you produce more semen and in turn, much larger ejaculations.

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